Jun 24

Whimsical Birdhouse Condo

The trees in our backyard are still in recovery from the forest fire in 2011, so sometimes when we have a BIG windy storm, this happens

Fallen Tree

Yes the tree broke in half, but we didn’t want to cut the entire tree down because the trees we have left are so few and PRECIOUS to us. My husband had a great idea to add a birdhouse to the top, but we have little Miss Maggie that is quite the huntress for little forest birds and critters


So a HUGE birdhouse was in order to prevent her from climbing onto the ledge of the birdhouse. Do you think this is BIG enough?

Wooden Birdhouse

And I was lucky enough to add a little touch of creativity

Leaves in process

They say build a house and they will come. Welcome Home our feathered friends. AND Maggie please behave yourself, they’re our guests.

In the tree

In the tree

Hoot! Rebecca

Jul 30

A Welcoming Front Porch

This project has been on my to do list since Spring. I wanted to revamp, clean up and create a feeling of WELCOME to the front porch. So here are some BEFORE and AFTER pictures of the making it beautiful!







I love using rocks and stones to create a natural “embellishment”. So welcome, come sit have a glass of lemonade and let’s talk. Hoot! Rebecca

Jul 27

DIY Patio Pillow Covers

Pretty Pillow

I’m currently making over my front porch, nothing to drastic…THIS year, but a few little changes to brighten it up. First thing is to replace the pillows. I’ve had these for a few years and I’m ready to revamp them and what easier inexpensive way then to cover them myself Old PillowsI took a tablecloth that I do not use very often and cut to size. It’s a crude measurement, just using the pillow as a width and height guide, cutting the fabric about a foot longer than needed for the folds.Measure out old tablecloth

Keeping the “right” side of the material facing each other, I fold the ends, making one side a little longer (your basically creating a pocket)Covering the pillow

Second fold

Pin the folds down and iron and sewIron


Using the pillow I measure where the opening needs to be and pin the sides of the material, pulling the pillow out the other side and pinning down that opening. Yes and iron again.pin the side

Turn the case inside out and insert your pillowInsert Pillow

New pillows! New pillows

Perfect with these green chairs. I’ll be showing you my front porch soon.Pillows on porch

Hoot! Rebecca

Jun 29

Plant Cart Makeover

Yellow cart

Just wanted to share a quick little makeover project for an outside garden piece. I purchase this little plant cart when I was in Frisco, Texas for $20 a few weeks ago. Doesn’t it have a great shabby look to it?Cart makeover

Now Hello Yellow! Amazing what a can of Spray Paint can do. I’m working on my beautifying my front porch, more to come. Yellow Cart makeover

Happy Weekend! Rebecca

May 27

Cozy Garden Transformation Part Two

 Cozy Garden part two

We have completed segment two of our Cozy Garden Transformation. We are actually working on one more area of the yard before it gets too hot here and then it’s survival of the fittest. Then it is time to sit back and  drink a nice cold glass of ice tea and enjoy your outside living. In this blog post we transformed the left of our patio Transformation oneNow to the right we wanted to continue the same feel… Here is the before pictureBefore one

Before two

And the afterAfter one

After two

We haven’t had many feathered visitors to our bird bath, it could be because we have a little grey kitty that is quite the huntressBirdbath

It’s amazing how mulch, a few plants and determination..oh and work can accomplish. Even though it doesn’t feel like work when you LOVE what your doing. Hope everyone had a safe and Happy Memorial Day. Thankful for our soldiers.America

Hoot! Rebecca

May 21

Garden Rake Wreath

 Garden rake wreath

I actually found this idea in a Country Garden magazine in Autumn of 2011, they used sticks, cedar tree branches and berries as their autumnal floral decoration. So my thought was to use all the beautiful wildflowers that are filling the central Texas landscape. We have had this broken rake for a while, but the stubborn thing would not rust, Yes I know it was made not to rust, but I wanted to give is a more rustic/vintage look, not the black, so brown spray paint did the trickWreath Rake

Using vintage clear apothecary bottles, I attached them to the rake using zip tiesZip Tie the bottles

Burlap and lace ribbon were cut to cover the zip ties. Any fabric can be used here, this is where your creative style can take overAdd your ribbon

Next was to attach twine to the back for handingTwine to back

Now let’s bring on the flowers. I started by filling the glass bottles with the wildflowersWildflowers first

Then I cut branches and flowers from around the yard ans just adding them, sticking the stems in and around the bottlesGarden Rake Wreath

Adds a nice welcome to my front doorWelcome Rake Wreath

Come, sit and enjoy. Do you have time for a glass of tea? Summer is almost here. Hoot! Rebecca

May 15

DIY Garden Stakes

Here is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to make Garden Stakes. First I painted small wooden shapes (picked up from Hobby Lobby for $1.99) with black chalkboard paint, any paint would work.Paint wood

Then I glued cooking skewers to the back using E6000 glueGlue Cooking Skewers

Let them dry overnightDry Overnight

I painted the names with regular acrylic paint and sealed with a varnish spray. Added a ribbon for cuteness.Completed

Here they are in action, Now if only pulling weeds was that easy.In the Garden

Hoot! Rebecca

Apr 22

Cozy Garden Transformation

The quest

Presenting a  Labor of Love by my family, like a fine, smooth, machine we all worked together and was able to complete the task in a day. Well let’s see that isn’t entirely true, I started about a month ago laying the stone edging and removing the grass (the the help of my husband).The beginning

Then the area sat or as I like to say it rested. BUT on Friday night my husband declared it was time to do SOMETHING with this spot, so we began to share ideas. We actually want to expand our back patio with cement to the end of the house, eventually. So our idea is to create a space without using long term native plants or trees that would require removal later. Thinking thrifty, my husband suggested we use the cut stumps of a pine tree we recently had cut down as stepping stones. Hummm ideas beginning to unfold… so stumps, annuals and mulch were our key items to use. First we start out with man power. What would have taken me ALL day to do, scraping and smoothing, took my husband about 30 minutes. Man Power

Next step: create the edging for the walk way, gotta love this sandy soil we haveEdging

Laying down the weed barrier and brown mulch (4 bags of mulch for $10 at Lowes) It took 9 bags to create a good thick ground coverAdd mulch

While Brazos and I took another trip to Lowes (you know there has to be “another trip” to the Lowes or Home Depot in any home improvement project) The guys cut the stump into stepping stones and filled in the walkway with a light colored pine mulchThe stumps

Now the fun begins, figuring out where to place pots and plants Let the fun begin

And here it is, a Walkway of LOVEWalk way of Love

Let’s recap: Before:Before


The other Side of After:The other side