Apr 24

Scrapbook Summertime Adventures

Springtime is here and for me it’s time to start thinking about vacations, summertime day trips and summer adventures. Of course as a creative documenter I’m also thinking of ways to scrapbook these adventures. One of the ways I like to document is by creating mini albums filled with ephemera, photos and journaling. I created a short video as a flip through of some of my mini scrapbook albums.

I hope you are inspired to document these summertime vacation memories!


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Dec 15

December Daily Week One

Dec Daily Week OneHello Friends! I have been working on keeping up with my December Daily and so far I have week one complete. Keeping a numbered list in my planner helps me remember the day in case I am unable to journal or document right away. I wanted to share week one of our December Daily/ Journal Your Christmas Scrapbook so I created a video flip through of the pages I have completed so far. This is one of my absolutely FAVORITE Projects and I am working on keeping myself in tuned to the everyday! I also LOVE to receive the emails once a day from Shimelle of prompts to write about. I love to document the days and add bits and pieces of our daily lives into a scrapbook. I’m a wee bit behind but week one is complete and I thought I would create a flip through of the pages I have completed so far. You can view it here!

Thanks for Watching.

Happy Documenting, Rebecca

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Sep 16

Documenting Learn Something New Everyday 2015

Learn Something New everydayDocumenting this year’s ‘Learn Something New Everyday’ is different then what I have done in year’s past. I am using a Traveler’s Notebook insert and keeping most of my documentation to writing and mixed media. I have taken a  few photos but not everyday. I am also finding myself writing more then just a single sentence like I have done in the past. I found this BLOG post that has links to all my Learn Something New Everyday Albums since 2011. Unfortunately, I haven’t completed my 2014, but I will eventually. This is the reason I chose to use my traveler’s notebook, I wanted something at my finger tips. Something I could paint or cover a page with pretty paper and jot a sentence and be happy with my outcome. In my life I am a do it right now or it will never get done girl. I don’t plan on being like this forever..but it want is working for me now. Let me show you a few of my completed pages:

I have found myself not using a whole lot of photos, but this page holds a photo of those yummy delicious PUMPKIN COOKIES I love to make every year

Pages in LSNED

And some of the simplest things in life make me happy , like my husband stopping on the side of an old country road so I can pick up cotton falling off a cotton truck


A lot of pages are die cuts and pretty paper, documenting made easy


on other days lots of journaling


Each day I look forward to my email box for daily prompts that help mw ponder and learn something new everyday. Interest in the class? find out more information HERE.

Everyday is a new day to Learn Something New, Rebecca

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Aug 20

Week In A Life~ Traveler’s Notebook Style

Week in a LifeI started this summer using my Traveler’s Notebook as a scrapbook and although the 4 x 6 photos can be challenging I have enjoyed having it at my fingertips to document the day by day. So when Ali Edwards set the date for “Week In a Life” I decided that the Traveler Notebook would be the way to go. I haven’t added any photos but I have kept up with documenting the day to day. I used Ali’s templates for the hour by hour documentation

Ali's templates used

Then filled each one with notes, stickers and embellishments. Here is Monday

Monday Week in a Life

And Tuesday

Day 2 Documented

Surprisingly this time I haven’t taken a whole lot of photos, but the documentation is there. I have stories I want to write as well… so Stay tuned… Rebecca

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Aug 06

DIY~ Gift Card Book

My son recently turned 16 years old and I wanted to give him something useful and sentimental all at the same time. Now I I know he was really wanting a Corvette (ha!)… BUT I want to sleep at night so he’ll have to settle for gift cards to his favorite places to eat and shop. Actually my son is very sentimental and he loved the gift. I started out with Library card pockets and coordinating scrapbook paper cut down to fit the top of the cards

Library card pockets

Next I decorated using Washi and Stickers

Washi tape

Washi makes everything better


I added a gift card to each envelope to places like panda Express, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Panera Bread and iTunes

Wrote Sentiments

Wrote a letter throughout the book on each card


Love you

Minon decoration

More sentiments

Tied them together with ribbon and wrapped it up. Handmade gifts are the best, don’tcha think?

Library Card pockets

XO, Rebecca


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Jul 22

Summer Scrapbooking~ Traveler’s Notebook Style

This summer I am using a standard size Traveler’s Notebook insert for all my scrapbooking and memory keeping of the day to day. You can see my cover and first pages HERE I am adding 4 x 6 photos and do have to trim some of the photo edges to fit inside. I’m enjoying the process, it’s simple and quick and surprisingly… I am journaling more! I always felt some of my 12 x 12 scrapbook pages lacked the story and with this process I find myself telling the story more. I LOVE that. Here are my layouts..

Summer Scrapbooking

Summer Softball

Summer Softball

Summer scrapbooking

Summer Scrapbooking

Bits and bobs, washi, and pretty papers…

Thanks for stopping by~ Rebecca

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Jul 17

Travel with a Traveler’s Notebook

I have created a travel notebook to go traveling… yes I’m going on a trip. A trip I have wanted to take since I was a kid, I’m going to go see my Uncle and Aunt in Ohio. I am completely excited!!! Truth is I get to be a kid somewhat, I’m traveling with my parents for the drive there and then flying back by myself. I have never driven in the east part of the United States so I plan on documenting my trip using a Traveler’s Notebook Insert. Yes Cupcake Gal is Traveling…

Cupcake Gal Travels

I inserted different scrapbook pages to add a whimsical element to my notebook

Traveler's Notebook

Traveler's Notebook

and I used Simple Stories travel kit to add embellished pages in the notebook

Traveler's Notebook

Traveler's Notebook

Traveler's Notebook

All secure inside my Fauxmidori cover, I plan on creating a folder to match and hold all my travel stickers and additional embellishments. So excited!

Traveler's Notebook

XO, Rebecca

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Jun 12

Storage Folder For Traveler’s Notebook

Summer Traveler's Folder

As I continue to share my new favorite way to plan and document my summer, Traveler’s Notebook Style, here is a closer look at the inside of the folder I created to hold all the necessary accessories. I created this folder using several ideas on DIY tutorials on You Tube, endless information. I wanted a envelope on the front to hold ephemera and journal cards for quick notes to jot and save.

Traveler's Notebook

Once opened, there are four envelopes, the two top envelopes I use to hold paperwork for lists

Traveler's Folder insert

The front envelopes I use to hold STICKERS, Fabulous Stickers

To hold Stickers

And stationery for snail mail

Traveler's Folder for Stationery

And Washi Samples

Traveler's Folder for Washi

Perfect fit for everything

Traveler's Notebook for Accessories

Snuggled into my Traveler’s Notebook

Traveler's Folder

Ready to go!

Traveler's Midori notebook

Thanks for stopping in… Rebecca

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