Jun 12

Storage Folder For Traveler’s Notebook

Summer Traveler's Folder

As I continue to share my new favorite way to plan and document my summer, Traveler’s Notebook Style, here is a closer look at the inside of the folder I created to hold all the necessary accessories. I created this folder using several ideas on DIY tutorials on You Tube, endless information. I wanted a envelope on the front to hold ephemera and journal cards for quick notes to jot and save.

Traveler's Notebook

Once opened, there are four envelopes, the two top envelopes I use to hold paperwork for lists

Traveler's Folder insert

The front envelopes I use to hold STICKERS, Fabulous Stickers

To hold Stickers

And stationery for snail mail

Traveler's Folder for Stationery

And Washi Samples

Traveler's Folder for Washi

Perfect fit for everything

Traveler's Notebook for Accessories

Snuggled into my Traveler’s Notebook

Traveler's Folder

Ready to go!

Traveler's Midori notebook

Thanks for stopping in… Rebecca

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Jun 09

Scrapbooking Traveler’s Notebook Style

In my last post I talked about how I’m using my Traveler’s Notebook for my everyday lists, planning, notes and scrapbooking. I wanted to show a the details on each insert. Let’s start out with my Scrapbooking insert :

Summer Insert

Here is a few pages I completed of of events and everyday routines documented using a photo, washi, a few stickers and journaling. Simple but getting our story documented.

Traveler's Notebook

Scrapbooking traveler's Notebook

Scrapbooking traveler's Notebook

I have also signed up for a new class through Studio Calico called Everyday Traveler. It’s all about ideas and instruction on using your Traveler’s Notebook beyond explorers. The class starts July 6th. Looking forward to learning more about my obsession!



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Jun 06

My Midori Traveler’s Notebook

Recently I purchased a Fauxdori (Midori) Traveler’s Notebook from CakePaperie on Etsy and this has become my FAVORITE way to carry around my lists; notes;  scrapbooking; and planning beyond the calendar. If you are not familiar with the Midori please check out The Reset Girl’s You Tube video, it will tell you everything. This is what my Fauxdori looks like

Midori Traveler's Notebook

and the inside with the elastic bands

Insdie Midori Travelers Notebook

I created my own inserts using cardstock and 24 lb paper for the inside, and decorated each cover for summer. I’m already thinking of creating a set for each season and holiday.

Inserts fOr Traveler's Notebook

Let me walk you through each insert, first we have the “Let’s Plan it” this holds ideas, information and all my dream lists

Let's Plan Traveler's Notebook

The Summer insert is going to be my :”summer scrapbook” to capture the everyday stories

Summer Insert


Letterboxing Insert

Austin Planner Meetup Notes and ideas

Ausitn Planner Meetup Insert

Four Pocket folder with all the necessary planner goodies

4 pocket Traveler Folder

The inside of the Planner goodie folder

Inside of Folder

Adding them to the cover, you slip the books inside placing the elastic in the middle


To add the additional inserts you can use an elastic band

Adding multiple folders

All bound up, nice and neat ready to slip in my bag and travel

All together

Thanks for stopping in~Rebecca

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May 11

Documenting A Day in a Life~ Scrapbook your Day

Day in a LifeTomorrow I’m playing along with Ali Edwards and documenting “A Day in A Life”. This is a day for taking pictures, writing about all the little daily routine that may seem mundane. I have quickly learned time flies and what I thought I would remember FOREVER has been forgotten. I often think back to growing up and I do remember quite a bit but wouldn’t it be interesting to have documentation of just a regular day in a life. Day in a Life

I’ve decided to make a mini album that will fit in my fauxdori or planner for easy access. More than likely I will also had a notepad to jot down times, events and catch little sayings from the kids. Some ideas popping in my head is to take a photo of the living room or kids bedrooms to catch their everyday. This project really has endless possibilities. Do you want to play along? Document a Day in Your Life? Get a pad of paper for notes and your camera ready, yes it can be that easy.

Everyday is documentable~ Rebecca

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Jan 13

My Love 2014~ Mini Album

My Love CoverLast year I purchased a handmade mini album from Ashli aka SoaphouseMama’s Etsy site and started filling it with photos I have printed from my instagram feed. I love the 4 x 4 size photos. I finally added the final touches to create an album filled with my loves of 2014. First I went through and added paint and stamps

My love for hats

Then doodles, washi and heart stickers

My Love Art

Filled the book with photos of the milestones

My Loves Birthdays

and memories

My Loves

And yes the CATS

My cats

These are just a few of the pages. I really LOVED working on this mini book. The thing I enjoy post about mini albums is they can be quick and just fun. It’s nice to set them out on the coffee table or desk for others to enjoy. The good news…I have plenty more to work on!

Happy Tuesday~ Rebecca

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Nov 29

December Daily and Journal Your Christmas

Christmas 2014Monday is the start of the countdown to Christmas and as a scrapbooker I have created a mini album dedicated to Christmas since 2010, following Ali Edward’s December Daily. Over the last couple of years I have really enjoyed following prompts by Shimelle to Journal memories and holiday celebrations of Christmas past and current. I documented our daily lives “December Daily” in the family’s Project Life album. This past weekend I pulled out the mini albums and the kids and I were looking them over and reminiscing. The one thing the kid’s missed in these small albums were of course pictures of themselves and what they did that day. I explained that a lot of those photos are in the project Life album and one day they will enjoy all the journaling that has consumed a lot of the past albums. So this got me thinking and wondering on how I would like to approach documenting our Christmas this year. For all selfish reasons I love Journal Your Christmas because  can I am a journaler and I enjoy writing my thoughts, memories and taking back Christmas and savoring moments to WRITE during the chaotic days of the holidays. BUT as a memory keeper I love seeing what we did year to year and so does my family but they want to see it in a mini album. So here is my plan…. I will create a mini album for my December Daily and create a page or passage in my Project Life to direct the readers, my family, to the mini album

December Daily

And for Journaling my Christmas, I will have my own little mini album.I recently read an article in Art Journaling by Somerset Studio about Creating a Christmas Art journal and this sounds like something I would like to try. To spend a few moments everyday creating art and journaling…

Tidbits fro Creating

So let the merry making began! Will be back soon to show you my albums~ Rebecca

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Sep 02

Learn Something New Everyday 2014

LSNED 2014Learn Something New Everyday is an online class by Shimelle and is absolutely one of my favorite courses. It’s a class that creates awareness in the everyday to search and ponder and to learn something.  Here are my mini albums from  2011 Album2012 Album , and  2013 album. Now here we are September 2014, welcome back to school.

I’m still working out the details of how I plan to document this year. I created this mini notebook from a print and I’m wondering if I could fit 30 days of photos and journaling. OR maybe I can use this as a notebook to take notes of my daily life for the next 30 days and create a 12 x 12 layout. I am however documenting my photos on Instagram because I plan on printing out the square photos into 2″ x 2″ prints. So this is my somewhat plan, let the learning begin

You got it, just for today LEARN something new!~ Rebecca

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May 25

Texas Wildflower Field Guide Scrapbook

This wildflower scrapbook has been in the works since last year when I posted a Touristy Thursday about Texas Wildflowers. So when Simon Says Stamp Challenge was about Botanical, I knew this was the perfect project to complete: A Field Guide for Texas Wildflowers

Field guide

We are so blessed here in central Texas to have so many beautiful flowers that line the roadways, early spring the first to make their appearance is the bluebonnet


I painted flowers on the pages for embellishments


Whirling butterflies

Several pages included fold outs for interactive fun, ribbons to untie and envelopes to open

Foldout info

Envelopes to open

Lots and stamping, paint and washi



I have fourteen flowers in this book, it was so fun to make and learn about each of them.

Hoot! Rebecca

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