Sep 02

Learn Something New Everyday 2014

LSNED 2014Learn Something New Everyday is an online class by Shimelle and is absolutely one of my favorite courses. It’s a class that creates awareness in the everyday to search and ponder and to learn something.  Here are my mini albums from  2011 Album2012 Album , and  2013 album. Now here we are September 2014, welcome back to school.

I’m still working out the details of how I plan to document this year. I created this mini notebook from a print and I’m wondering if I could fit 30 days of photos and journaling. OR maybe I can use this as a notebook to take notes of my daily life for the next 30 days and create a 12 x 12 layout. I am however documenting my photos on Instagram because I plan on printing out the square photos into 2″ x 2″ prints. So this is my somewhat plan, let the learning begin

You got it, just for today LEARN something new!~ Rebecca

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May 25

Texas Wildflower Field Guide Scrapbook

This wildflower scrapbook has been in the works since last year when I posted a Touristy Thursday about Texas Wildflowers. So when Simon Says Stamp Challenge was about Botanical, I knew this was the perfect project to complete: A Field Guide for Texas Wildflowers

Field guide

We are so blessed here in central Texas to have so many beautiful flowers that line the roadways, early spring the first to make their appearance is the bluebonnet


I painted flowers on the pages for embellishments


Whirling butterflies

Several pages included fold outs for interactive fun, ribbons to untie and envelopes to open

Foldout info

Envelopes to open

Lots and stamping, paint and washi



I have fourteen flowers in this book, it was so fun to make and learn about each of them.

Hoot! Rebecca

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Apr 13

Journey Clusters

Enjoy the JourneyJourney, is this week’s challenge over at Simon Say’s Stamp. This past week while packing for an out of town trip I discovered a mini album from 2011 from a anniversary trip with my husband. I still have a little over half to finish, so I wanted to make small embellishments about our journey. Being that this is a mini album, I need to keep these small, so I started with small tags. I stamped with gesso for some resist.

Tags with gesso

Then spritzed with ink and backed them up with Tim Holtz journal cards

Tags with Ink

more fun time by grabbing bits and pieces to add color and layers

Tags with bits and pieces

Another favorite is adding ribbon and more texture

more texture

Clusters about our Journey

Final clusters

Now time to add them to our album

Cluster added to album

Looking through travel albums really makes me want to plan a trip soon. Hoot! Rebecca

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Jan 25

Journal Your Christmas 2013 ~ Final

JYC Be JoyfulI have had my Journal Your Christmas mini album on a card table in my craft room since before Christmas and it really has sat this month waiting on the last three days to be documented.

JYC Dec 24

I ran into a scrapbooking dilemma this year with my documenting Christmas. I documented our daily lives chronologically with Project Life and followed the prompts with Journal your Christmas in a mini album. The dilemma you ask? Well for example this page, day 18 is about what we served for Christmas dinner which actually happen on Day 25.

Christmas Dinner

Now I know Shimelle’s intent was not for me to stress and document out of “order”. It’s whole purpose is to and take time with your notebook, pen and thoughts and spend time writing about my Christmas past and present. And the prompts are not necessary meant to be used on that particular day. What I like about the Journal Your Christmas is it inspires me to take quiet time to reflect, remember and stop the madness and take in the season and everything I love about it. BUT I found myself holding off on writing, waiting for the moment to happen and this is not what I want to take from this class.

JYC memories

Then I have my kids who love looking at the mini albums that reflect our Christmas bound up into one fun festive book. We keep them in a small cedar chest I use for a coffee table and when I open it up…every time they want to look at the Christmas scrapbooks. I kept a December Daily for two years before I stated JYC. I want to have make these for them.

JYC Special moments

So next year I’m going to take a different approach, not sure yet what… will need to brainstorm for a solution. I like the idea of an have envelopes to my scrapbook, where maybe I can slip my journaling in with each prompt no matter when it happens in the month. Or maybe using time to write in my personal journal daily.

JYC Stockings

I did take the approach to use Christmas Cards I have gathered for over 10 years! Yes I cannot bring myself to throw them away, but cut and use the pictures YES I can do that.

JYC Peace Card

Hoot! Rebecca

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Jan 20

A Rainy Day~ Mixed Media Journal

The weather here is Central Texas has been gorgeous! Beautiful! Open the house and air it out kinda days. This three day weekend was anything but ordinary, we were digging holes and going to the washateria, fun thing called septic system issues but it all turned out okay. Learned more than what I ever thought I would about a septic system! I started this project for last week’s Simon Says Monday Challenge, “Anything Goes” but didn’t quite get it completed in time. Started out with a book I had taken apart and covered with paper and washi tape

Book cover

Added Gesso, Ink and painted clouds from this stencil

Ink and clouds

More ink and love this paint by Claudine Hellmuth Ink and Paint

Cut paper for the umbrellas and girl’s shirt, applied Gesso to prepare her face

Taking shape

In process, taking shape

Taking shape

Favorite pen by Scarlet Lime, write perfectly on paint, ink PERFECT for all highlighting a doodling

Scarlet Lime ink Pen

More rain drop stamps added to the back cover of the journal

More Rain Drops

A Rainy Day Journal A rainy Day Journal

On my craft table this week, scrapbook kits I put together a while back, oh and yes final touches to Journal your Christmas! Hoot Rebecca

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Dec 08

Possibilitarian Art Journal

DSCN6333 (525x394)Switching gears from Christmas to bright pink and yellow butterflies, I put together an Art Journal for one of my 2014 goals. My goal is to be a possibilitarian, what is that you say? Please take a moment to read Kelly Rae Roberts explanation of being a possibilitarian and you too may say, That is what I want to be! ANYTHING is possible and listening to your inner self to stay positive and to never, ever, ever give up in whatever the desire of your heart is. So I’m here making a art journal for just that! Playing, experimenting, when I feel stuck, a place to paint, draw cut and paste to get me creativeness sparked! This project is also part of Simon Says challenge this week, FLOURISH. I had the perfect supplies for this project

Flourish Supplies

I had bought this pearl flourish a couple of years ago but have never used it.  After stenciling, stamping, misting, painting, and gluing I have my journal. Complete with a whole lotta ribbon and lace: my latest obsession is adding ribbon and junque bows to EVERYTHING.DSCN6330 (473x525)

Are you gearing up for 2014? Do you set goals and resolutions?

HOOT! Rebecca

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Nov 27

Journal Your Christmas / December Daily 2013

Journal Your Christmas

The countdown to the beginning of Christmas is upon us, twenty-nine days until Christmas AND four days until the official countdown to Christmas starts. This week over at Simon Says and Stamp is all about counting down until the holidays, perfect timing for making my mini album for Christmas. I started making a mini album in 2010 with December Daily, and then in 2011, I signed up for Journal your Christmas and worked to incorporate the two into a mini album, staying up into the wee hours of the night completing a page each night to keep up with EVERYDAY. Last year was the first year to really take on Journal Your Christmas, this is a class given by Shimelle, you can read her story HERE. Daily prompts are sent to by email to read and ponder and journal. Remembering to stop and remember the season of love, peace and kindness. As she states, “TAKE YOUR CHRISTMAS BACK!” .  So to begin, here is my start of my album, I purchased a burlap covered 8 x 8 from Hobby Lobby at 50% off YAY! Kept the cover simple by making a JUNQUE BOW, so addicted to these right now Junque Bow

With ribbons, ric rac and felt hearts and some sparkle, here is the album coverAlbum Cover

For my introduction page, I used a house cut from material (an extra one I had made from the class of ARTSY Ornaments by Christy Tomlinson) and stamped, paint, and layered… and the prettiest sight to see is the holly that will be…Christmas 2013

These albums are so precious to my family and they enjoy flipping through them and see their Christmas past. Now with Journal your Christmas sometimes that is it, just journaling and no pictures, and I must not forget I have my Project Life album. So the plan is to take a photo EVERYDAY and document with Project Life, using it as a December Daily. Let the Merry Making Begin! ~ Rebecca

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Sep 15

A Girl in a Scarf~ Mixed Media Art Journal

A Girl in a Beautiful Scarf

Hello Lovelies!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.  Here in Central Texas we are getting close to the feeling of Autumn, it’s only 90 degrees! Yes a little sarcasm, but at this point in the year I am really tired of sweating and the hot weather. But no worries here Life is good and I am Blessed, hot weather and all. As Simon Says Challenge this week for EMBOSSING, I wanted to make an art journal. I started out with an old Reader’s Digest book and cut the coversReader Digest book

Used Gesso and decoupage Scraps of paper to the coversPaper added

I used Gesso for my girl’s head and more scrap paper for her hair and clothesThe beginning

I added Stamping, more paint, shadowing with markers and pen. Then covered the entire piece with Gel Matte. Lesson learned: the gel pen I used smears so next time I need to be careful with the eyesLady in the scarf

For the embellishments I embossed her hair flower, a few background piecesEmbossed

Found my embossing pen to add some glitter goodness to the scarfEmbossing pen

I used water color paper for the pages inside the art journal and put it all together with ribbon and lace, A Girl With a Beautiful Scarf A Girl with a Beautiful Scarf

Hoot! Rebecca

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