For The LOVE of OWLS

I LOVE OWLS! I have for some time, and recently they have hit the shelves EVERYWHERE! I’ve been following Shimelle’s Blog for sometime and the 10th of every month she post 10 things. I’m going to join in this month…my 10 things are a collection of some of my Favorite OWLS.

1~ Here is one of my favorite OWLS, he sits on my desk and watches over me while I work. Found him in a grungy junk store…Love that he is a mustard Yellow.

2~ And my Vintage Sequined OWL purse. Found this lovely at Warrenton Trade Days

3~ Another Favorite is this OWL purse, actually found this one at Walmart several years ago

4~Anytime I see OWL stamps I pick them up

5~OWL Scrapbook paper, A whole paper pack by The Paper Studio..Love the HOOT! HOOT!

6~My OWL Coffee Mug..

7~Another two OWL companions on my desk, These were actually Christmas ornaments that my BestFriend got me, but I couldn’t put these cuties away with my other Christmas decorations.

8~OWL Jewelry..need I say more

9~And OWL Notebooks/Journals

10~CUTE OWL Canvas. I picked this up at Target, they have a whole line of this pastel OWL themed bedroom/ bathroom decorations

Happy Hootness to YOU on this 10th day of March!, Rebecca

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14 thoughts on “For The LOVE of OWLS

  1. Just found your blog through Shimelle’s 10 on 10. Your blog is adorable. Just sat down with a cup of tea and looked through prior posts, your blog is absolutely darling and so inspiring. Makes me want to create a journal this afternoon. I have bookmarked your blog. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Was wondering if you could tell me where it is you got your Owl coffee mug…I have a friend that collects owls and absolutely loves the mug…I have been searching high and low online for similar ones and can’t find any…please let me know :)

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