Oct 30

Repurposed IRON Table Makeover

blue tableI picked this old black table up at my sister’s garage several years ago and really haven’t done a thing with it except move it around to hold a plant or two. For the past several months I’ve been thinking and dreaming about getting ready and setting up my craft booth. I started to venture around the house to see what I could use for display pieces. I remembered this table and thought it would be perfect with the right revamping

Before table

I had these baubles I purchased several years ago from Hobby Lobby which would work perfect as the new jewels to hang from the top.

red baubles

So I started out by painting the table turquoise and adding the baubles using a large jump ring

jump ring attachment

Super simple, super easy revamp with a beautiful outcome

So cute

It works perfect holding a small suitcase filled with happiness.

Perfect display piece

Stay tuned this weekend, I plan on giving a tour of my mock booth set up. One more week before the Merry Marketplace Show.

Happy Early Halloween~ Rebecca

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Oct 28

A World with Octobers~ Mixed Media

October LoveI absolutely LOVE Anne of Green Gables, true confession I haven’t read the books but I use to have a tradition of watching the movie and the sequel on my birthday. So when I was googling quotes about October and saw this quote… IT WAS PERFECT.

October Canvas

This canvas is 6″ x 3″ and is created with modeling paste and a stencil for the pumpkins. Love the texture. This is number 73 in my 100 canvases for 2014.

Octobers are wonderful aren’t they?~ Rebecca

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Oct 26

I Scream, You Scream, we all Scream for a Candy Corn Necklace

Okay maybe we all don’t, but I was earlier in the week when I received an email from a boutique that had a candy corn necklace…too cute. Their necklace was made with clay and resin, so I set out to make one with what I had on hand. It also just so happens that Simon Says Stamp challenge this week is anything goes, perfect for this project. I started out with 1 inch wood discs and using by Cropadile I was able to punch holes into the wood…yes I was amazed

1 inch wood

I covered the piece in Gesso


Followed by yellow paint

Yellow paint

Then orange paint and I dabbed with a paper towel leaving a texture looked…yes I was amazed AGAIN..HA!

Orange Paint

I cut white, orange and yellow paper into the shape of a candy corn, cut each into the sliver shape needed and attached to the wood with decoupage

Cut shapes

Next I outlined the candy cord and added more texture with a stamp (yes my nail polished changed midweek)

Stamp and Outline

Bead Work


and there you have it a Candy Corn Necklace. I made one for my daughter and myself. She loved it.

Candy Corn Necklace

Have you eaten any Candy Corn this Year? ~ Rebecca

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Oct 23

Touristy Thursday~El Meson, Austin Texas

El MesonI have to introduce you to El Meson ‘Real Mexican Food’. There are two locations in Austin, one off Burleson and the newer location at 2038 South Lamar where I met my husband last week. This part of town holds my heart, not only is it where my mother grew up but also the first apartment I shared with me sister was really close by. It brings back a lot of memories of fun and carefree days.

Beautiful Floors

So I say “Real Mexican Food’ because this is not Tex-Mex food, this is more authentic Mexican food. Choosing from the menu takes me away from my go to plate of  Crispy Tacos and has me eating cheese enchiladas and black beans. Oh my goodness, so good!

Great food

Besides the delicious food, check out these great floors

Love the floors

and I love the openness of the room

El Meson

Good Food, Good Company Great Lunch~ Rebecca

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Oct 21

Spooktacular!~ Mixed Media Girl Art

SamanthaWe are on the home stretch to Halloween, so I of course I had to create one of my BIG BODY Girls. Naming her Samantha from my favorite witch growing up (Bewitched).

The weather has cooled off here a bit but still not time to take out the tights and sweaters. My nights and weekends have been completely engulfed with getting ready for The Merry Marketplace Craft Show. I am so excited to get set up and see what happens.

I am still on the countdown for my 100 Canvas challenge for 2014. This is number 72… I can’t believe it. Wow it’s been fun, BUT we still have more to come. ~ Rebecca

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Oct 19

O is for Orange

This week’s challenge at Simon Says Stamp is about the letter O. This time of the year to me ‘O’ means Orange and October.  This is one of the simplest tags I have made and I absolutely love the outcome. The first step was taking a large craft tag and adding a layer of gesso, then using water colors to create a blue sky and green for the ground.


Using one of my FAVORITE Stamps that doesn’t get enough attention

Favorite Stamp

And little wisps of ORANGE to create leaves

Little Orange Leaves

A Perfect Autumn Quote

A great Quote

And of course a JUNQUE bow

Orange Tag

Simple, sweet and Autumnal ORANGE! Hope your have an OUTSTANDING October~ Rebecca

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Oct 15

There is a Cat in my Pumpkin~ Mixed Media

Black Cat in my PumpkinOf Course it wouldn’t be the season without a black cat and a jack ‘o lantern. This cute little canvas is number 71 in my 100 canvas challenge for 2014. The canvas measures 6″ x 3″. Also, last week I  posted on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts “Super Fluff” He is the same size and is number 70.

Super Fluff

I’m creating away my nights and weekends preparing for a craft show in November. I’ll be posting the details soon.

Hope you have a Super Fluff kinda a week~ Rebecca

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Oct 13

Organizing with a Composition Notebook

The Pile of Lists

I am a person that makes lists, lots and lots of lists. My problem is I have a tendency to have a pile of notebooks with scattered ideas, thoughts, lists and dreams. Last year I used a composition book and it worked out really well. BUT starting out this year I tried to minimize and purchased a large calendar with a place for notes in the back thinking this would work. Well, it didn’t and I haven’t used the note section AT ALL. to be quite honest I really have no idea why it just doesn’t work. So the solution, go back to the composition notebook. First you have to make it cute right? So I created this girl with paper and paint

Cute Cover

Since I am a weekend warrior in all of my creating and crafting, each two page spread is dated with a weekend

Two page layout

I was thrilled to find out these composition books hold more than a year. I was able to tab starting this October through December 2015. There are also tabs for Random thoughts, mixed media, Scrapbooking, Crafting and Kid’s Crafts

Tabs for all year

My notebook from last year looked like this:

A place to sketch

Holds ideas

So here is my notebook / list pile now…much more manageable right?!?!?


Are you a list taker? How do you manage them?

Thanks for stopping by~ Rebecca

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