Feb 06

Snail Mail~ Sending Chocolate

snail mail sending Chocolate PocketI recently received Happy Snail mail from my friend, Jenn and it contained a piece of chocolate housed inside a pocket created from a cardboard toilet paper roll. I thought this was such a great idea to psend Chocolate. Since I am WAY behind on sending letters to my pen pals, I thought I would create several of these little snail mail chocolate folders.

Snail mail sending chocolateI made a video showing  you how I made them. Happy Snail Mailing!

Thanks for Watching, Rebecca!

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Feb 03

February Planner Set Up

February Planner Set upHappy February!!! This month is my month for PRODUCTION! I’m working on a new product line so there is A LOT of PLANNNING going on right now. For the February Planner Set Up I was looking for ways to make it more efficient but still keeping it PRETTY! I came up with the idea to set up the weekly pages at the beginning of the month. My MAMBI Planner keeps up with every aspect of my life on track so it’s important that I keep it working smoothly. What did I change? Well the February Planner Set Up basically added every birthday and event on the weekly layout. I also included my task stickers ahead of time and have started a top three list of the top three items I need to get done that day. I created a brief video to show my set up.

Well I’m off to break down my BIG goal of Production into attainable daily goals! Can’t wait to show you my new products!


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Jan 30

Pink Webster Planner Set Up

Pink Planner Set Up

Webster Planners have become my new favorite accessory! Yes! True confession the personal planners is perfect size to carry around and yes match the season or even my outfit. Ridiculous I know…or is it?! Is it bad that I would rather buy a new planner then new shoes…or better yet shoes to match my planner! Ha! Spoken like a true planner addict. I wanted to show you my set up for my PINK Personal Webster Planner and it is just that, used for all my personal goals and dreams for my small business.

Webster PlannerIn this planner I schedule and plan out art projects, blog posts, you tube videos and updates to my ETSY Shop. I use printables from Alexis (aka Miss Trench coat) of Strange and Charmed, monthly calendar from Webster Pages and Weekly inserts from Sew Much Crafting.

Webster Pages

I created a You Tube Video to show a flip through of how I put everything together and plan out my dreams and goals….

Thanks for Watching! Rebecca

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Jan 26

What I Learned from Craft Shows


Outdoor Craft Show What I learned from Craft showsThis past year I learned so much from art and craft shows. I have dabbled in shows in the past but never this many in one year as a true business owner. First things first, shows are ALOT of work. The set up, closing down, dealing with weather,  if it’s an outdoor show, It can all be exhausting and rewarding all in the same day. I participated in a total of 11 shows and learned A LOT! I thought I would list some of the things I learned this year.

  1. Lighting. Buy it and have it available. I didn’t use any large lights just Christmas twinkle lights and a few lamps. It made a huge different in how it makes your booth stand out.
  2. Make friends with your neighbors. I met some amazing people and friends this year. You never know what you can learn from another vendor.
  3. Quality over Quantity. I thought the more shows I did around the holidays the better, but it left me feeling tired and I ended up being really sick at the end of this year. So this next year I will be looking into fewer bigger shows .I learned every show may not be your target audience.
  4. Bring food and water. It’s amazing the amount of money that can be spend on food and drinks. Your spending your earnings you worked so hard for. Of course I do like to treat myself sometimes after a show with yummy Mexican food.
  5. Every show may have a different set up so be prepared with extension cords, wire, twine, and bungee cords. I created a box to keep all of my supplies in which also includes a hammer, measuring tape, packing tape, clothes pins etc.
  6. Set up Early if allowed. So important! I made the mistake of setting up my tables and backdrop one show but did not leave my merchandise and a HUGE storm system come through with Tornado warnings the next morning. I was extremely late to the show and still had to set up while there were shoppers ready to shop.
  7. Let people help. I am truly thankful and blessed to have a family that supports my dreams. So many times my husband, mom, dad, sisters and niece and family helped. My biggest help was my daughter. She was by my side through many of the shows.
  8. Keep Inventory. This was a BIG down fall for me. I would write all my sales on a piece of list paper and the very last show I did EVERYTHING got soaking wet including my sales slip. I discovered the Square and Etsy card reader app also allows you to key in your cash sales. I know if I would have read the instructions I would have found out about that a LONG time ago!
  9. Know your Selling Points. I know this doesn’t apply to everyone but there are times I feel like a total introvert and being an artist and trying to sale my creations I cannot afford to be an introvert. I have discovered having a topic idea before you start a show helps get past the shyness. For example,  I can start up a conversation about their town (if I’m from out of town) If they are looking at my cat art spark up a conversation about cats. I can talk cats all day long! HAHA! I like to talk about how I create a canvas and will have an original print to show my process.
  10. BUY a Wagon or dollie hand truck. A HUGE lesson for me. To move merchandise to and from the booth more easily. Spend a little money to have the luxury of saving your back and the many exhausting trips to and from your vehicle.

These are just some of the things I have learned and plan on implementing for the upcoming year. This was a year for great wisdom in what I want to do and what does not work for me and my family.

Thanks for stopping in, Rebecca

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Jan 18

Organizing for Valentine Crafting

Valentine Craft CaddyValentine’s Day will soon be here and I’m gearing up for Valentine Crafting! In December, I created a “caddy” full of all things Christmas related and it really was great having a go to place for getting creative. Organizing my crafty items is always a challenge for me because I create with paper and all the bits and bobs can become overwhelming! I created a video on how I’m organizing for Valentine crafting, you can view it down below. On the top of is my list for Valentine crafting is catching up on all my pen pals, I fell behind over the holidays and Valentines is a perfect holiday for sending correspondence.

Thanks for Watching!….  Valentine Crafting soon to follow!

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Jan 12

Pocket Letter Video

Last week local planner group created an event to pair members up for an “All About Me’ pocket Letter exchange. The idea was to create a pocket letter that described you. If I had to sum up myself, I would say art, crafty, pink and cupcake. So I created a short video on what I added to my pocket letter, you can view it here:

Thanks for watching and Happy Crafting! Rebecca

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Jan 07

Cultivate~ One Little Word 2016

Cultivate one little Word

My One Little Word this year is CULTIVATE~

I pulled the definition below from online ,

verb (used with object), cultivated, cultivating.

1.to prepare and work on (land) in order to raise crops; till.

2. to use a cultivator

3. to promote or improve the growth of (a plant, crop, etc.) by labor and attention.

4. to produce by culture: to cultivate a strain of bacteria.

5. to develop or improve by education or training; train; refine:to cultivate a singing voice.

6. to promote the growth or development of (an art, science, etc.); foster.

7.to devote oneself to (an art, science, etc.).

Number 6 and 7 sums up exactly why I selected this word. For the last six months of 2015, I really felt my word was FOCUS. I blame my creative mind for the lack of being able to focus ha! My mind is always going, thinking, imagining and creating. It’s hard to make it stop and focus on ONE task. I’m not complaining AT ALL! I am thankful I have a mind is always going! BUT my focus changed when I picked up a package of Project Life  journaling cards from Hobby Lobby and there were quotes from Becky Higgins about CULTIVATING. She has always encouraged CULTIVATING the life you want. As I read through these cards my FOCUS changed. The last couple of years my mind has been on creating and promoting my ART. Last year my word was about COURAGE to start really promoting my art, which I did but it left me exhausted and a true confession, feeling guilty. My family, my home and pretty much everything else took a back burner. Seriously, what I put my family through this year with all the craft shows I can’t even thank them enough for their help and patience. So I began to think about what is really important in my life and am I living the life God wants me to live. Am I living a  happy life? What about my family, am I really present? So this year I’m taking a step back and CULTIVATING my life. Cultivate my family, give them the proper attention and care. Cultivate my art, paint more, grow and develop in my art. Cultivate my business, quantity over quality. Cultivate my home, make it pretty and colorful, buy plants this spring, create a cleaning schedule, make plans to keep things in order.
This year I am taking a different approach to documenting and creating with the prompts from Ali Edward’s One Little Word Class. I received this spiral notebook from a Creative Exchange I did over Christmas and have decided to use it as my journey for 2016 and this includes my ONE LITTLE WORD.
My Journey NotebookI sat down over New Years weekend and wrote out everything I felt had my attention or I wanted to give my attention to this last year. I wrote out what I learned from my experiences and what I have planned for next year This was like a brain dump.
I took the printables from Ali and made a scrapbook page of sorts where I will began my journey with my one little word and my life in 2016. I want to fill this notebook with ideas, inspiration, thoughts, goals, dreams, journey to cultivating the life I want.
My Journey Layout
Let the Journey begin! Rebecca
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Jan 01

Document Life in 2016

Happy New Year! This has been one of the most low key New Year’s I think I have ever had. I wrote out goals and plans for the upcoming year, put Christmas decorations up and cooked dinner which included the traditional black eye peas..for Good Luck in the New Year! This low key attitude is exactly how I will be documenting and scrapbooking my year. I have been using the Project Life system since 2011 to document and scrapbook our lives. Last year the entire project just fell through with the crazy schedule I had. It became too much and I feel so sad that I didn’t document the year like I wanted. So this year I had decided to document and scrapbook on a much smaller scale. For documenting the everyday, when it’s just journaling or a tidbit about the day, I am using this new index card system by Tisa’s Creations. I purchased this at a craft show this year. Inside this clear plastic box is an index card dated for everyday. There is room on the front and back for journaling and she left enough room in the box to add bits and bobs such as pictures and movie tickets as part of the documentation. I was completely inspired by Paige Taylor’s Dec. Daily where she used Heidi Swapp’s Memorydex. I see this index card system looking and feeling very similar. Little bits of memories and crafting all in one index card system.

Index card memory

Now for the not so daily events such as holidays, birthday parties and anything that I want to complete a full page on, I’m using a much smaller scale scrapbook. I’m using a 6 x 8,  3 ring binder.

Project Life ScrapbookI’m not crazy about this introduction picture hahaha, we all look a little weird is how my daughter put it. It’s taken with a selfie stick after Christmas dinner. We had crackers that had mustaches and jokes in them, but this year is all about not taking life too serious and enjoying the moments. This week I picked up a new set of Project Life, personally I did not need ANYMORE journaling cards, but I love this Dear Lizzy set. It is full of  Pinks, Greens, Redds, confetti, sparkles, typewriters, snail mail… JUST PERFECT!

Project Life Cards

Here’s to documenting 2016, Let the FUN begin! Rebecca

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