Apr 18

Etsy Product Update

Evelyn Cupcake Girl 8 x 10Happy Saturday Friends! It’s been a little crazy around here, first getting ready for a craftshow and then being gone for a few days for my day job. Today I finally achieved a goal in uploading larger 5 x 7

Mixed Media Umbrella Art

and 8 x 10 prints to my ETSY Shop.

 8 x10 Cupcake Girl Art

Each print is set with a mat board and board backing and ships in a clear cello bag. By the way did you know ETSY has gone public and stocks can be purchased? So exciting! I personally have no idea how to purchase stocks but I would love invest money into the handmade site that helps makers like myself. Yay Etsy!

Makers Gonna Make~ Rebecca

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Apr 12

My First Outdoor Art and Craft Show

This weekend was the first time I showed my art in an outdoor festival. Although financially I broke out almost even with the cost of the booth, the experience and what I learned was priceless. This was my first time to set up an outdoor tent, besides in the backyard, and I was so thankful my parents helped me. There was also a vendor that also really helped in explaining how”Shake” the tent to get it to expand. I was very thankful she stepped in and helped. The first day the wind was blowing so we opened the tent’s sides up to allow the breeze the blow through.

First Day Festival

After the first day I felt I needed to set the tables differently but wasn’t quite sure exactly what to do. So the next day my older sister came out to help me..AND what a big help she was. We were laughing because she said she knew she was bossy, but I needed someone to come in and take charge! She helped set the tables where I could conduct business behind the table and sit when I needed to.

Art display at Festival

She also added jewelry to the screened room divider which really helped me display them better

Screen for displaying items

What I found out is people want to talk about your art and your process, they are curious and interested in how it is made. If I talked about how I was inspired and made the art the more they were inclined to buy or at least take a business card. I practiced my one little word: COURAGE. I have to say it’s hard to self promote.

Art prints display

So to sum it up, what a learning experience. I learned all sorts of ways to better the stability of the tent and displaying items. I learned about who is interested in my art, this is BIG to learn my customer base. I have a list of things I plan on improving for my next show. I am also so very thankful for my family, for supporting me and helping me every step of the way!

Happy Sunday~ Rebecca

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Apr 05

Listers Gonna List Challenge

Recently  have found myself in the rabbit hole of the planning word. The world that loves to accessorize their daily calendars, notebooks, journals and lists. I have always had a pen and sticker fetish and color coded my planner, but this new planning world has taken my obsession to another level. So my rabbit hole brought me over to The Reset Girl, her shop is filled with all sorts of labels and stickers to create a very organized and color coded planner. She also has started a fun monthly challenge for all of us list makers out there. These are daily prompts to list, check out the website here, and if your interested come play along. Here are a view of my lists, first is the cover

Listers Gonna LIst Cover Page

Day One: Reasons I love to be a Planner Girl

Listers Gonna List April

Day Two: Favorite Songs of all Time, wow this was a challenge and actually haunted me for a couple of days, because I kept thinking about songs I didn’t write down. Silly right?! But it also brought back a ton of songs I had kinda forgotten about and loved hearing them again.

Listers Gonna List Day two

Day Three: Favorite Brands in High school, I had a huge transition midway through high school in my dress but I do remember the shoes!

Listers Gonna List April Day 3

Day Four: Names of all the pets I have had

Listers Gonna List Day 4

Super fun and creative way to take a moment for yourself. Hope you all had a blessed Easter. ~ Rebecca

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Apr 02

April Mantels~ Collections

Collection MantelIn reality I could have left my mantel up from last month with the bunnies and Spring feel to it, but I had an idea that worked out perfectly in my house. I’m in the process of changing up a nic nac shelf and I’ve had a cluster of my collections on a side table, um it could be driving my husband crazy but he hasn’t said a word. So for the time being I moved several of my teenie tiny nicky nacky collections to my mantel.

April Mantel

Starting at this end I have shell boxes, this collection started when my son brought one home from school after he was able to pick a prize out of the treasure box. I also collect a variety of metal tins, several of these belonged to family members.

Shell boxes and metal tins

These Egg cups are a new obsession of mine, I just purchased these on my recent Warrenton trip, aren’t they so funny!

Egg Heads

Wade Whimsies, need I say more, I LOVE these little ceramics and pick them up when I find them. The little music boxes actually belong to my daughter and we have picked these up in Warrenton over the past several years.

Wade Whimsies

Owls, Eiffel Towers, Smurfs, Snoopy, old bed side clocks, and cake toppers..LOVE them all.


Loving my mantel this month, filled with all the little things that make me smile!~ Thanks for looking!  Rebecca

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Mar 31

Courage One Little Word Update in March

Art SuppliesHere we are the last day of March! I can’t believe it! I’ve waited until the bitter end to complete this prompt and it isn’t that I didn’t make a connection, it’s just the opposite, It’s a favorite because it’s setting goals and then setting actions to achieve these goals. One thing I created this month is a Courage Quote Board on Pinterest, you can see it here. This gives me a place to read and ward off the nay sayer that likes to creep into my mind on occasion and tell me not to dream big.

Live Colorfully

I want to leave this blog post with one little story that hopefully will inspire you as it did me. My daughter is playing softball little league and we had a game tonight. I live in a small town so you recognize kids and people from other events and I mentioned that one of the girls on third base looked familiar, but I couldn’t place her. My daughter knew who I was asking about and she said “mom, she was so funny, when I was on the base, she kept saying, “Have No FEAR, you can do this” Now I know it sounds simple and it was about Softball but imagine telling yourself that every time you were scared or putting yourself outside your comfort zone and trying something new. I could say these could be words to live by out of the mouth of an 8 year old.

Oh and yes these pictures are just random photos I have and reminds me to live creatively and colorfully! Let’s welcome April with open arms!~ Rebecca

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Mar 29

Bluebonnet Love~ Mixed Media Art

Bluebonnet LoveSpring is one of the most beautiful times of the year here in Texas, the wildflowers can be so pretty and plentiful. The State flower, the bluebonnet, can give the illusion of a body of water. I love the combination of bluebonnets and the Indian blankets, red yellow and blue.. I wanted to create a mixed media illustration with bluebonnets that included an art girl. I am working on a boy, but it isn’t flowing as well. I was hoping to have these canvases ready for print my the Bluebonnet Festival in two weeks..EEK..don’t know if it will happen. You can’t rush Art :)

Hope you have a great week!~ Rebecca

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Mar 23

A Tisket A Tasket~ Easter Scrapbook Page

With Easter upon us I wanted to scrapbook a page for my heritage scrapbook using and photo of my mom and her siblings. I LOVE these black and white photos in their best Easter dress and holding their baskets. With baskets in mind I begin by creating a green and yellow basket using cut strips of card stock, I used decoupage to hold it together

Weave a basket

I glued the weaved paper to another piece of cardstock in the shape of a basket

Make a basket

 I made a copy of a vintage handkerchief and used it as the yellow floral background

Vintage hankie print

These sweet paper lace doilies just have the perfect feel for Easter, don’t you agree?

Sweet paper doilies

Now back to the basket, I added a mint green lace doily for the background, and added paper grass. Of course it wouldn’t be Easter without bright colored Easter Eggs. I glued that all into place

Easter Eggs of Course

Stamped up the background with this little flower stamp

Stamping up the background

Added the title and used the information written on the back of the original photo for description

Final Layout~ 1952 Easter

A Tisket, A Tasket, a green and Yellow Basket! ~ Rebecca

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Mar 21

Happy Pipe Cleaner Flowers

Cheerful pipe cleaner flowersThis is a super inexpensive cheerful craft I created with my daughter. Supplies needed: pipe cleaners, small clay pots, floral Styrofoam, hot glue and a hot glue gun, Easter grass (I used the shredded paper kind), buttons, baby fuzzy chicks and small glittery eggs.  We started out making pipe cleaner flowers, simply bending and twisting does the trick

Pipe Cleaner flowers

Then we painted the clay pots, these can be found in the flower section of any craft store

Painted pots

Cut a square piece of Styrofoam for each pot, then hot glued them to the inside of the pots

Styrafoam in clay pots

using the end of a paint brush, we punctured holes in the Styrofoam

puncture the styrafoam

after squirting hot glue into the hole we added the stem of the pipe cleaner flower

Add flower

A few of the flowers were top heavy so we glued a toothpick along the back for stability

Kids craft

more hot glue holds the paper grass in place

Paper grass added

Now the really fun part, to accessorize, buttons, baby chicks and tiny Easter eggs

Window sill full of flowers

So Cheerful in the kitchen. We even got a “that’s cute” from my husband. Happy Spring!~ Rebecca

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