Oct 11

Snail Mail Fold Out Cards

Snail MailHey Guys! It’s Snail Mail Sunday and this week I have created fold out cards using my notecards. These were really fun to make, and each one in uniquely different. These individual creative fold out cards will be sent to new and old pen pals. I created a video, making up one of these fold out cards, you can see it here

I found this clever idea from one of the creative people I follow on Instagram, www.instagram.com/Paper_Sweetpea Check out her beautiful feed full of snail mail ideas. Here are a few I made, this one I plan on adding quotes to the tags and tying them with a ribbon

Courage Quotes

This fold out card is all about sweetness and includes a tea bag, I seriously loved using the teacup diecut I had

Tea Please

This special Texas Card includes a little Texas Paperclip by Posh Pieces on Etsy, I’m sending this to a new penpal that use to live in Texas

Texas how I love thee

On this card, I’ve includes bits and bobs for another paper crafter

Bits and Bobs

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Snail Mailing! Rebecca

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Oct 07

DIY Planner Pocket Folders

DIY Pocket FolderI created a video on how to DIY planner pocket folders. This video specifically created the pocket folders for a Happy Planner, but these DIY folders can also be created for any planner or binder by just changing the way you punch . The  supplies needed is cardstock, glue, scissors and the ARC punch if you are making one for the Happy Planner. These . After watching this video you will see how simple this design is and will want to make one for every month. As you will see in the video, I created one for holding recipes for Christmas. I hope you enjoy the video and want to create your own pocket folders.

Thanks for Watching, Rebecca

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Oct 06

Chalk Walk Art Festival 2015

Chalk Walk Art Festival This past weekend I was a vendor at the Round Rock Chalk Walk Art Festival and I have to say it was a very successful show. There was over 40,000 people who attended and from a vendor’s point who sold art it was a perfect fit. It was so fun talking to people about art and my passion. One of my biggest sellers was “Queen of Healing Hearts” Prints.

Queen of Healing Hearts (419x525) I wanted to also show some of the most amazing Chalk Art from the artists that participated . The artists started on Friday night and finished up throughout the day on Saturday. Here are some of the masterpieces:


Frida Chalk Walk

Three Little Pigs

Round Rock Chalk Walk

No Swimming

Chalk Walk Art Festival

Day of the Dead

Chalk Walk Art Festival


Chalk Walk Art Festival

And the baby at the top of this post. I have never been to a Chalk Walk Art Festival and it has left a lasting impression on me… truly amazing. I also wanted to thank the staff and Round Rock, this event was so organized. When I pulled up there was Boy Scouts ready and willing to help unload the car and when it was time to go there was staff available for helping load up. I am also very thankful for my Niece and her family. They helped me with my booth, showing at these functions can be A LOT of hardwork and having friends and family means so much.

Art Forever, Rebecca

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Oct 04

Snail Mail Sundays 1~ YouTube Video

Hello and Happy Snail Mail Sunday! I have uploaded my first video for my new series called Snail Mail Sundays. Recently, I have signed up for a few new Snail Mail pen pals and I want to create different ways to send little pieces of happiness in the mail.  These techniques can be used in scrapbooking, planning and journaling. Not into pen paling or snail mail? This video series with have creative ideas for all paper crafters. I do hope you watch and are inspired to create a little happiness too.

Happy Crafting, Rebecca

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Oct 01

Hello October

One of my most favorite times of the year is October, a time for a new season, change from hot to cooler days, family time, baking and just about everything PUMPKIN!. This month’s mantel my nine year old daughter put together all by herself. I love that she has fun creating and decorating. I let her have full reins on the decision making and I think she did a fantastic job!

October Mantel of the month

So let’s talk life in Create with Rebecca’s world, this month I have two shows coming up, one is actually this weekend and it’s called the Chalk Walk Art Festival in Round Rock, I will be at booth 81 if your in the area.

Chalk Walk

I’m starting a new line of items to sale that is feeding the Stationery Addict in me, oh yes the sweet little pink polka dot beast has been full throttle. I have so many cute and exciting ideas I can’t wait to get them created. I started making planner/ journal charms.. Live sweetly I say

Planner Charms

it was time to revamp by booth too and with the advice from a friend and my husband’s help, I now have a backdrop for my Vendor Art booth, isn’t it sweetly pretty?!

New booth display

I will also be showing at the Hillcrest Baptist Labor of Love show October 30 and 31st in Austin.

Labor of Love

And there is Boerne, the first weekend in November

Boerne art Market

Yes things have already been busy for October, I created prints from the Halloween/ October art collection I have, loving all the vibrant colors, the house with the pumpkin is a favorite!

Halloween prints

it’s back to work but here is a sneak peek on where my ideas are heading, I picked this fun Snail mail stationery kit up at TJ Maxx, I’m ready to go mail something

Snail Mail

Thanks for stopping by~ Rebecca

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Sep 30

Happy Planner Set Up

I created a video to show my Happy Planner Setup. The Happy Planner is filled with not only a monthly spread but weekly as well. This helps me plan out the everyday and increasing my productivity. I added in pencil all my ideas for you tube videos and blog posts. The Happy Planner pages are a lot bigger than what I used in the past. It’s working out great for me. I am really like this new planner for the size and the fact that I am using it to plan ahead and organize the everyday. I hope you enjoy the video

XO~ Rebecca

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Sep 27

Snail Mail Revolution

 What is the Snail Mail Revolution? Well, to sum it up it is sending and receiving cute and fun mail from pen pals. Being a Stationery Addict, snail mail is just another way to feed the addiction. ha! I have had many pen pals throughout my life, including family members who I have written to all of my life and still write to.  Another pen pal was a best friend Dirusha,  she moved away in elementary, but we stayed in touch for many years by writing letters. Then there was Joleen, the girl I met by my grandpa’s house at the lake, she was visiting grandparents too, we also wrote for a while. I remember there was also a program at school where we could receive a pen pal from another country, this pen pal was a boy and he was from England, I believe we only exchanged a few letters. Recently on instagram I came across Snail mail ideas, a pen pal group that matches you up with someone from either your country or another country. They were hosting a Secret Halloween Pen pal exchange, so I immediately signed up. I was matched up with a person, my age in Israel. I was so excited to send her something from the States so at the Target Dollar spot they had the cutest Halloween socks..how fun it that to send someone… and of course I wanted to send her a piece of my Halloween art. So this is what I had in mind to send her along with a letter about myself

Halloween Snail Mail

Unfortunately the pen did not fit in the cute pillow box but everything else did, I also wrapped the package with twine and attached this handmade tag and clip

Snail Mail Package

I know that pen paling is not about sending gifts, it’s about getting to know others, but I love to send little packages of happy mail. Last week, I ordered and received this beautiful book all about Snail Mail…the photos are beautiful and very enjoyable to read. I seriously cannot put it down. So many pretty things to look at.

Snail Mail Ideas

So this brings me to a new idea I have, I’m going to create small videos with snail mail ideas starting next Sunday. Ohh so many things I want to share, even show how we use to create fun designs when I didn’t have stickers, washi and all the wonderful supplies we have now. I hope you will join me and be part of this revolution.

XO~ Rebecca

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Sep 26

Turkey Trot Art Contest

This is my second year to send my artwork in for the Turkey trot Art Contest here is Austin, Texas. A local sandwich shop, yes one I eat at least once a week, hosts a 5k run on Thanksgiving morning called the Turkey Trot. Each year they have an art contest for the design of the shirts for the 5k. I didn’t win the contest but I wanted to share my artwork here was my submission for the Turkey Trot Art Contest

 Turkey Trot 2015

The interesting twist is I know the winner, well I don’t know her but her dad works with my husband..ha SMALL world. You can see her winning art HERE. Winning the contest not only gets your design on every shirt but you win a years worth of sub sandwiches…365 sandwiches..YUM!

This is such a fun contest to create for… you never know if it may be your lucky year!~ Rebecca

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