May 28

DIY~ Creating Paperclips from Rubber Stamp

Bunny ClipsI am currently working on a  couple of Pocket Letters, What is a Pocket Letter?, You can read more about them HERE. I will be doing a blog post on the pocket letters I created soon. Being a crafter and maker I wanted to make a couple of handmade trinkets for planners and journals for to fit in my pockets. In my stamp stash, I came across a vintage BUNNY stamp I have had for YEARS and  thought it would make the cutest paperclip top. The clips I made I early in the week,  I used cardstock, but for this batch I decided to make them a little thicker and opted for watercolor paper. I used StazOn ink pad to stamp the image and then colored in with watercolors

Colored in Using Watercolors

And even used markers for some

Some I used Markers

I Fussy Cut each stamp shape and laminated them using a heat laminator

Then laminated

Once laminated I cut around the stamp design again

Fussy cut

Now, grab a cup of coffee or tea because we are going to put them all together. Supplies needed are large paperclips, felt for the backing and hot glue to hold it all together

Additional Supplies needed

Three steps left, add hot glue to the back of the laminated stamp, press the paperclip into the hot glue and make sure you keep it straight and then add and secure the felt backing

Hot glue into place

And there you have it, cutest clips ever. When traveling with your planner, journal or book be careful with these clips by not placing something on top the laminated stamp could bend.

Cute clips for your planner

Endless possibilities with creating your own clips and will fit perfectly in a pocket letter~ Rebecca

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May 26

Summer Smashing

I’ve started making a list of  great plans and intentions for the summer? How about you? One item on my list is to use my hoarded SMASH books to create new and old memories. I have several hat boxes, bins and baskets full of cards, tickets and just pretty memorabilia that need to be used and put in a memory book. I have recently been inspired by You Tube’s MY GREEN COW and all her SMASH book videos. These can be quick and simple pages that will allow creativity to flow during the times I may only have a few minutes. I started a Pinterest Board that I plan on linking pages and inspiration from other Smash Books, It’s called Summer Smashing. To get organized I started a photo box and added some ephemera from events, even dating back to 1997, that I would like to find a home for.

Empherma Box

Here is a page I whipped up, I’ve had Rosie for a while and what better way to start off and say “You Can Do It!”

Smash Book

Also I have always LOVED this video on SMASHBOOKS when they first arrived on the market four years ago, check it out if you haven’t ever seen it!

Isn’t it Smashing!~ Rebecca

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May 21

Shades of Pink~ Scrapbook Page

It’s been a while since I have scrapbooked and I found myself digging and searching for pictures and papers, it was as if I couldn’t find my creativeness to make a decision. I finally found a stack of “kits” I had put together a while back,  that were ready to be created. These self made kits included paper, photos and ephemera that worked together for that particular memory. I also went looking through Instagram for inspiration and I stumbled onto Ashleyhorton75 page and was completely inspired by her circle layouts. I first painted the background using watercolors

Watercolor Background

The base layer was a paper dolly and punched out circles and hearts, I also sprinkled ink onto the background

Punched designs

I played around with one of my favorite embellishments, these tiny paper flowers with rhinestone centers

Paper flowers

I took diecuts in the shape of flowers and circles and created a cluster at the bottom left hand corner of the photo

Cluster embellishments

Added sequins and beaded ribbon

Cluster Embellishments

Ready for a title I found this title “Beautiful”


I was looking through my supplies to find a banner of sorts that I could stamp the name sisters, but I found this gem instead..PERFECT!

Bonus embellishment

Here is the final layout

Shades of Pink Scrapbook Layout

I love this circle look and will defiantly use this design again! Now to tackle those other kits!~

XO, Rebecca

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May 18

Create with Rebecca @ Yo So Cool

Cupcake Gal ArtRebecca @ Yo So Cool

A few weeks ago I mentioned a company called and how they connect venues/ shops with creators and artists, like myself, to help sale their product. My  first show is this Saturday, May 23, 2015 at Yo So Cool in Austin at 1201 Barbara Jordan Blvd. from 1-4pm, check out the flyer HERE

If your in Austin and would love to look at cute art, visit and eat some delicious frozen yogurt, come on by!

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May 13

DIY~ Handmade Divider Inserts for my Business Planner

  DSCN9867 (525x380)I needed a change in my business planner, something to liven it up, add a little pep, and what better way then with paint, washi and PARTY CATS! For my divider inserts I measured out the size using watercolor paper and creating tabs by just cutting them out a little longer than the actual divider.

Cut Water color paper for dividers

Painted the background of the inserts with watercolors adding water to make the color lighter and less water for a darker color

Paint Watercolor paper

The watercolor did not take long to dry so I started adding different shapes and dots with acrylic paints

Add more paint

Happy Cheerful Party Colors

Designs Added to Water color backgrounds

While the acrylic paint dried I selected PARTY dolka dots, start and colorful scrapbook papers for the backing

Used party paper for backing

Project Life journaling cards and printed inspirational quotes all about being CREATIVE were added to the back of the dividers already covered in scrapbook paper

journal cards and quotes

I used my illustrations of PARTY CATS I had printed on postcards, but you could use cards, photographs handwritten notes whatever you fancy to adorn the front of the dividers. I attached the postcards with washi and then laminated each dividers

Party cats added to front of dividers

Once the dividers are hole punched with my crop-o-dile, I  added them to my small binder. Now I’m ready to set goal and make plans for celebrating creativity and small business ownership

Plan and Party~ Rebecca

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May 11

Documenting A Day in a Life~ Scrapbook your Day

Day in a LifeTomorrow I’m playing along with Ali Edwards and documenting “A Day in A Life”. This is a day for taking pictures, writing about all the little daily routine that may seem mundane. I have quickly learned time flies and what I thought I would remember FOREVER has been forgotten. I often think back to growing up and I do remember quite a bit but wouldn’t it be interesting to have documentation of just a regular day in a life. Day in a Life

I’ve decided to make a mini album that will fit in my fauxdori or planner for easy access. More than likely I will also had a notepad to jot down times, events and catch little sayings from the kids. Some ideas popping in my head is to take a photo of the living room or kids bedrooms to catch their everyday. This project really has endless possibilities. Do you want to play along? Document a Day in Your Life? Get a pad of paper for notes and your camera ready, yes it can be that easy.

Everyday is documentable~ Rebecca

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May 06

Local Creators and Entrepreneurs in Austin

Dreaming Creating Living

A few weeks ago I was contacted through my Etsy site by a company called, to have an interview on being a creator in Austin, Texas. They are launching here, the weekend of May 23, 2015, in Austin where they will join local venues and creators to help creators show and sale their product. I’m in the works of scheduling a show and will fill you in on the details when they are finalized. Here is the LINK to read the interview with me and five other local creators. I gave the interview, on the phone on my way to work so nothing is scripted just straight from the heart as I was sitting in bumper to bumper traffic, slowly crawling to my government job….

“Creatives in Austin rely on community for inspiration,” explained Rebecca. “I am inspired by everyday life. I can’t stop thinking about art and what I can create. I go to bed thinking about it, I wake up thinking about it. It’s my dream. This is what I’m supposed to be doing.”

Living Creatively Everyday~ Rebecca

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May 04

One Little Word Update

One Little Word 2015The One Little Word by Ali Edwards, prompt last month used photos to show how my word is currently present in my life. I find that my word has taken me places this year that I did not expect AT ALL. Isn’t life interesting? In the beginning I chose my word to focus on my business, my art and to have courage with my creativity BUT I have discovered courage is also needed in other parts of my life as well. Courage to raise a 15 year old son that will be driving soon, courage and understanding my daughter is becoming more of a daddy’s girl, courage to keep moving when feeling defeated, courage to find my voice and stand up for what I believe in your heart and to BELIEVE in myself! I’m planning on going back and journaling a bit more with this prompt to get the words out, to express EXACTLY what I mean in each photo.

Needless to say I LOVE THIS CLASS~ Rebecca

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