Jul 29

Video: Personalizing Your Midori Folder

I love personalizing each of my Midori Traveler Notebook Inserts and four Pocket folders. These can be personalized for a season or an event. I created one for my upcoming trip that will hold “travel” related items. I created a video on how simple making a folder can be, check it out

Thanks for watching~ Rebecca

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Jul 25

DIY Video for Midori Pocket Folder

Created a video on steps to create a four pocket folder for a Midori Traveler’s Notebook. These are great for holder list makers, jot it down notes, stickers, washi tag samples and clips needed while your traveling around.

Thanks for stopping by~ Rebecca

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Jul 22

Summer Scrapbooking~ Traveler’s Notebook Style

This summer I am using a standard size Traveler’s Notebook insert for all my scrapbooking and memory keeping of the day to day. You can see my cover and first pages HERE I am adding 4 x 6 photos and do have to trim some of the photo edges to fit inside. I’m enjoying the process, it’s simple and quick and surprisingly… I am journaling more! I always felt some of my 12 x 12 scrapbook pages lacked the story and with this process I find myself telling the story more. I LOVE that. Here are my layouts..

Summer Scrapbooking

Summer Softball

Summer Softball

Summer scrapbooking

Summer Scrapbooking

Bits and bobs, washi, and pretty papers…

Thanks for stopping by~ Rebecca

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Jul 19

Planner Weekly Set Up and Decorating

It’s Sunday and this is the time I stand at my art table and put together my weekly layout, I use this simple spiral bound monthly/weekly planner for my day to day. Let’s get started. This is what my weekly layout looks like before I start

Weekly Start

Typically have some sort of theme for the week using stickers, this week it’s FRUIT FACES

Decoration Selection

Washi Added, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this thin Washi Tape

Washi added

Stickers and Washi in Place, I also really like these weekend stickers, I’ve seen them all over ETSY. I have purchased these from Plan-It Planet

Stickers in Place

Using Pens, I color code appointments for family members: Me: Red, My Husband: Dark Blue, Son:Orange, Daughter: Pink, Green it used for social media

Color Coding Appts

Ready for the Week

Ready for the week

I keep a To Do/List Sheet clipped to the week for my daily tasks which I will fill out each day

List Ready

Thanks for checking out how I keep myself organized~ Rebecca

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Jul 17

Travel with a Traveler’s Notebook

I have created a travel notebook to go traveling… yes I’m going on a trip. A trip I have wanted to take since I was a kid, I’m going to go see my Uncle and Aunt in Ohio. I am completely excited!!! Truth is I get to be a kid somewhat, I’m traveling with my parents for the drive there and then flying back by myself. I have never driven in the east part of the United States so I plan on documenting my trip using a Traveler’s Notebook Insert. Yes Cupcake Gal is Traveling…

Cupcake Gal Travels

I inserted different scrapbook pages to add a whimsical element to my notebook

Traveler's Notebook

Traveler's Notebook

and I used Simple Stories travel kit to add embellished pages in the notebook

Traveler's Notebook

Traveler's Notebook

Traveler's Notebook

All secure inside my Fauxmidori cover, I plan on creating a folder to match and hold all my travel stickers and additional embellishments. So excited!

Traveler's Notebook

XO, Rebecca

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Jul 15

DIY Pineapple Planner Cover

I’m sharing another video with you on how I created a Pineaplle using cardstock and paper dollies for my planner cover. You Can check it out here:

Thanks for watching!~ Rebecca

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Jul 11

Mrs. Brimble’s July Unboxing

Mrs. Brimbles Unboxing I’m back with another video of the unboxing of the Brimble’s Box. What is the Brimble’s Box? Well it is a fun box that can be purchased once or by a monthly subscription full of stationery goodness! I recently discovered her through You Tube and although she lives in the UK and the shipping can be quite expensive I had to have it!!!  Here is where you can find Mrs. Brimbles. I do hope the more videos I do the more relax I become, so here is my first unboxing… Please note the Ice Cream photo at top is Mrs. Brimble’s Art

Thanks for stopping by, Rebecca

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Jul 09

What’s In my Pencil Case~ A Video

I have hit a milestone today, I have created a You Tube Video!!! Excited? Yes! Nervous? Yes!  Scared a little? Yes! Being Courageous? Yes! I created a simple video about what’s in my pencil case to find out the ins and outs of filming, creating a thumbnail and uploading a video.

Creativity takes Courage! ~ Rebecca

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