Aug 31

Stickers from Pipsticks Sticker Club

Pipsticks Sticker Club asked if I would like to do a review on their ne ProClub Sticker Pack. This pack of stickers is for the adults, like me, that have a sticker addiction. Of course I said yes please! I have to admit, being a fanatical sticker user, I was anxiously waiting on my happy mail. Let me show you…Here is the envelope and the letter that came inside, so seriously how cute is the Stick ‘Em Up seal??? The envelope is somewhat transparent with the feel of vellum

Pipsticks Stickers

Now for the Sticker Goodness inside, popping out first are the teeny tiny Russian Nesting Dolls…So Cute

Pipsticks stickers

Next was the black and white doodles, perfect for either a Hobonichi journaling or adding to my planner. this sticker pack was stocked full of the cutest bunnies and cats including these circle stickers

Pipsticks sticker haul

Happy faces and stars

Pipsticks stickers

This sticker sheet is so adorable, love the little girl stickers, it’s all about travel, most of the quotes are not English so I have no idea what they say but the images are so cute…little umbrella girl (Insert heart emoji here)

pipsticks stickers

More Bunnies…. my daughter immediately wanted these…yes I will share!

Pipsticks stickers

I love the colors of the gold and teal of this sticker sheet so pretty, will be using this in a weekly planner layout this fall

Pipsticks stickers

Go BIG or Go Home, This was included in the sticker pack, it’s on cardstock so it could be framed or even used as a dashboard in your planner. Also I couldn’t get a good picture of these gold trimmed stickers but they look like little Tsum Tsum… smiling now there are several in coffee mugs.

Pipsticks sticker

I am seriously loving this sticker pack, such a great variety of all kinds of sticker, I created my weekly planner layout this week using some of the stickers

Weekly Planner layout

I love the idea of joining a sticker club and receiving stickers every month…now that is HAPPY Mail!!! Here is the link to their website for more details.

Happy Monday! Rebecca

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Aug 27

Pen Organization using a Lazy Susan

Earlier this summer I purchased a vintage Lazy Susan from a thrift store for less then $0.25. I thought it would make a great desk mate for pen organization. First things first, It needed a face lift, a paint job

Lazy susan

I was able to fit four of the mini buckets I purchased out of the dollar bins at Target, perfect for holding all my wonderful pens and markers

buckets of pens

A Bird’s eye view

Pens Pens pens

Now I can spin it around to look for the one I need

Perfect on my craft table

I love repurposing old stuff into new, don’t you? XO, Rebecca


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Aug 25

ATX Planner Addict Meet Up

Planner Girl meetupThis past weekend we had our first ATX Planner Addict Meetup, I know some of you may be asking what is a ‘Planner Meetup”, well the best way I can describe it is a place where planner addicts..that is the calendar, notebook, list makers that are obsessed with washi tape and stickers come together and talk about planners, cute washi and stickers! My daughter helped me with the event and later she said in the car as I was driving her to Hobby Lobby and Target to buy her a planner, “Mom, I cannot believe you found so many people that LOVE stickers like you, I thought you were just weird” HAHAHA I Just laughed…YES I have found my people! I think the only thing I regret from the event was not taking enough pictures, but let me share the pictures I do have, curiosity of my sister which helped me tremendously! We were able to set up early at Big Daddy’s Restaurant in Austin

Table set

I had a couple of stationery/ planner sticker businesses contributed to the ATX Planner Addict SWAG Bags, Ink and Wink and Planner Stickers from Cheeky Paper Creations on Etsy

Swag bag

I created a game using Candy Bars as descriptions for planner supplies

Cupcake Girl Game

We made paperclip tassels using ribbon

Tassel Making

I think everyone had a good time at the ATX Planner Addict Meetup

Planner Girls

Check out the planner stack

Planner Stack

We already have the next one planned for September… are you interested in joining? You don’t have to be in Austin…check out the Facebook Group: ATX Planner Addicts.

Xo, Rebecca

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Aug 20

Week In A Life~ Traveler’s Notebook Style

Week in a LifeI started this summer using my Traveler’s Notebook as a scrapbook and although the 4 x 6 photos can be challenging I have enjoyed having it at my fingertips to document the day by day. So when Ali Edwards set the date for “Week In a Life” I decided that the Traveler Notebook would be the way to go. I haven’t added any photos but I have kept up with documenting the day to day. I used Ali’s templates for the hour by hour documentation

Ali's templates used

Then filled each one with notes, stickers and embellishments. Here is Monday

Monday Week in a Life

And Tuesday

Day 2 Documented

Surprisingly this time I haven’t taken a whole lot of photos, but the documentation is there. I have stories I want to write as well… so Stay tuned… Rebecca

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Aug 17

Unboxing Video~ Brimbles Box

Last week I received my August Personal Planner Brimbles Box. Seriously, these are so excited to see when they arrive in my mailbox. They are themed, and I love that! this months was all about the Great Outdoors, take a look…

~ Happy Monday, Rebecca

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Aug 12

My First Plan with Me Video

Happy Wednesday! This week is going so fast and having a planner and to do lists keeps me on track. I created a process video of how my week starts… click below

Thanks for stopping by..Rebecca

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Aug 09

Composition Brain Dump Book

  Compostion Book MakeoverHello and Happy Sunday! I had someone ask me on Instagram about my brain dump aka repurposed composition book (above to the left). I’m going to attempt to do a step by step process to “dumping my brain”. Typically my weeks would consist of blog post ideas, goals and ideas for upcoming projects, but this week is a little different because I’m on a mission, I’m preparing for the upcoming ATX Summer Craft show and the ATX Planner Meetup.

My week starts out writing ideas for blog posts/ projects on small sticky notes and adding them to the left side of the notebook, on the right is a print out by Anna Brim, aka Mrs. Brimbles,(it shows a week of planning out you tube videos and blog posts).  I have added this into my notebook, as an additional page using Washi tape. I use this print out to plan future and current blog posts

beginning of the week

As I actually blog, I take away the sticky note and write it in

Planning out blog posts

As you can see I planned on blogging about my pen organization yesterday but didn’t quite get it accomplished. Since I typically work my dream job like a MAD MAN on the weekends, all my plans are made for the weekend. On Friday night or Saturday mornings, I sit down and clear all the sticky notes and move them to next week as possible blog posts….

Ideas Cleared

Using the page spread to the right, I start with topic ideas, what am I working, this includes Craft Shows, Blogging, Projects, Video Ideas, Etsy updates and Instagram photos or Giveaways

Starting  to do list

After I make topic headings, I write subtopics or things that need to be completed to make the goal or project happen

To Do List

The page to the left breaks each subtopic goal and project into each step that is need to complete each task, this is the to-do list of sorts and I can mark each off as it is completed.

Steps in to do list

Turning the page to next weekend, this is where we start again. This is for the following week, the sticky notes represent the projects I would like to complete and blog about and as I do I will remove the sticky and write it in permanently.

The Beginning

I hope this make sense… This really is a helpful tool… it get’s everything out of my head and down on paper where I can complete it and mark it off.~ Thanks for stopping by Rebecca

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Aug 06

DIY~ Gift Card Book

My son recently turned 16 years old and I wanted to give him something useful and sentimental all at the same time. Now I I know he was really wanting a Corvette (ha!)… BUT I want to sleep at night so he’ll have to settle for gift cards to his favorite places to eat and shop. Actually my son is very sentimental and he loved the gift. I started out with Library card pockets and coordinating scrapbook paper cut down to fit the top of the cards

Library card pockets

Next I decorated using Washi and Stickers

Washi tape

Washi makes everything better


I added a gift card to each envelope to places like panda Express, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Panera Bread and iTunes

Wrote Sentiments

Wrote a letter throughout the book on each card


Love you

Minon decoration

More sentiments

Tied them together with ribbon and wrapped it up. Handmade gifts are the best, don’tcha think?

Library Card pockets

XO, Rebecca


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