Mar 29

Bluebonnet Love~ Mixed Media Art

Bluebonnet LoveSpring is one of the most beautiful times of the year here in Texas, the wildflowers can be so pretty and plentiful. The State flower, the bluebonnet, can give the illusion of a body of water. I love the combination of bluebonnets and the Indian blankets, red yellow and blue.. I wanted to create a mixed media illustration with bluebonnets that included an art girl. I am working on a boy, but it isn’t flowing as well. I was hoping to have these canvases ready for print my the Bluebonnet Festival in two weeks..EEK..don’t know if it will happen. You can’t rush Art :)

Hope you have a great week!~ Rebecca

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Mar 23

A Tisket A Tasket~ Easter Scrapbook Page

With Easter upon us I wanted to scrapbook a page for my heritage scrapbook using and photo of my mom and her siblings. I LOVE these black and white photos in their best Easter dress and holding their baskets. With baskets in mind I begin by creating a green and yellow basket using cut strips of card stock, I used decoupage to hold it together

Weave a basket

I glued the weaved paper to another piece of cardstock in the shape of a basket

Make a basket

 I made a copy of a vintage handkerchief and used it as the yellow floral background

Vintage hankie print

These sweet paper lace doilies just have the perfect feel for Easter, don’t you agree?

Sweet paper doilies

Now back to the basket, I added a mint green lace doily for the background, and added paper grass. Of course it wouldn’t be Easter without bright colored Easter Eggs. I glued that all into place

Easter Eggs of Course

Stamped up the background with this little flower stamp

Stamping up the background

Added the title and used the information written on the back of the original photo for description

Final Layout~ 1952 Easter

A Tisket, A Tasket, a green and Yellow Basket! ~ Rebecca

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Mar 21

Happy Pipe Cleaner Flowers

Cheerful pipe cleaner flowersThis is a super inexpensive cheerful craft I created with my daughter. Supplies needed: pipe cleaners, small clay pots, floral Styrofoam, hot glue and a hot glue gun, Easter grass (I used the shredded paper kind), buttons, baby fuzzy chicks and small glittery eggs.  We started out making pipe cleaner flowers, simply bending and twisting does the trick

Pipe Cleaner flowers

Then we painted the clay pots, these can be found in the flower section of any craft store

Painted pots

Cut a square piece of Styrofoam for each pot, then hot glued them to the inside of the pots

Styrafoam in clay pots

using the end of a paint brush, we punctured holes in the Styrofoam

puncture the styrafoam

after squirting hot glue into the hole we added the stem of the pipe cleaner flower

Add flower

A few of the flowers were top heavy so we glued a toothpick along the back for stability

Kids craft

more hot glue holds the paper grass in place

Paper grass added

Now the really fun part, to accessorize, buttons, baby chicks and tiny Easter eggs

Window sill full of flowers

So Cheerful in the kitchen. We even got a “that’s cute” from my husband. Happy Spring!~ Rebecca

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Mar 19

Custom Whimsical Tree Mixed Media Art

Whimsical Tree Art

I wanted to share this mixed media whimsical tree I created for a custom order. It turned out so colorful!  Made prints, saned and glued the prints to wood blocks and they are ready to ship out! Speaking of trees, we are in full SPRING mode. The trees are budding new leaves and all my native plants are peering up through the ground. We are also experiencing a massive amount of beetle BUGS, we call them June bugs. Yes I let one in tonight and as I sit here by my lamp I hear it’s loud buzzing wings and it’s hard body hitting papers on my desk….but I cannot find the intruder! I’m not a fan of these hard shell, dive bombing, get stuck in your hair bugs!

Goodbye for now, I’m on a mission, a bug mission, Rebecca

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Mar 17

A Little Spring Decorating

Spring is in the air around here, warmer weather, budding green trees and long daylight hours. AND in my house we have umbrella wreaths

Umbrella Wreath

Easter Tinsel Trees and

Easter Tree

Springtime Garland in the kitchen window.

Sprintime garland

Spring is Natures way of saying “Let’s Party!” Quote by Robin Williams

Happy Spring! Rebecca


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Mar 15

Organizing My Business Planner

I recently signed up and am currently taking a planner class, ”Practically Perfect Planners’ by The Hooting Pirate, Cara Vincens. One of the replies I read from another “classmate” was she loved the scientific approach the class took to the Perfect Planner. One idea/ solution I have taken from the class, is it is OK to have more than one planner. Last year I carried around four different types of planners/ organizers and felt it was way too much, so I tried to downsize this year. It did not work well for me, so I’m back to only three and one of these is my business planner. I purchased a mini three ring binder from Staples for less than $6.00,  lined notebook paper that is made for these small binders, sheet protectors and a plastic envelope with a Velcro closure. The book band here is from Vera Bradley (sold as a hair band). Isn’t it so yes I might have a purse that matches it!

My Business Planner

The dividers I created are from Watercolor paper and painted with different marks and designs, this was part of another class I took by Ashley Goldberg called Paint Plan Play. I added a postcard of my Live By, BIG Body Girls and laminated each. In the pocket on the cover I hold a notepad for to do lists, business cards, and journaling cards


The first tab divider, is for my calendar. I purchased this printable calendar off Etsy at Polka Dot Posies. This is the second year I have used this particular calendar, and I love it . The colors, the pages for monthly goal settings and  lots of extra planners pages for tracking mileage, custom orders and expenses is perfect. This particular set is for “small business”.

Calendar inserts

I created another TAB Divider for the TO DO LISTS. I purchased on Etsy Christy Tomlinson’s To-Do List,  I have several of these printed to set weekly goals and to-lists

To do Lists

And some days I have to create a MEGA to do list, especially with art and craft shows coming up

Mega to do lists

The third TAB is ‘Everything Else’ this is for packaging, marketing and just random notes I take for ideas I do not want to forget. This also has a mileage tracker, custom order list and shipping information.

Everything else tab

The fourth tab is “Booth Ideas”. I can never have enough of these, this is a work in progress for me. I print out or take photos at places I go and keep them here for inspiration. I also use Pinterest as a place to store these ideas.

Booth ideas

The last tab is Booths, this is where I keep all my information in plastic sleeves for upcoming shows

Up coming shows

I also use the sleeves for holding receipts and other important papers I do not want to lose or misplace

clear sleeves for receipts

And in the very back I have a plastic expandable envelope with a Velcro closure for extra journaling cards, sticky notes, paperclips, notecards, stickers…. all the important stuff to keep you organized :)

Velcro pocket for planners

Practically Perfect!~ Rebecca

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Mar 11

A Few of My Favorite Journaling Pens

Lately I have joined a couple of groups on Facebook that include planner addicts and Hobonichi enthusiasts. It’s really fun to know there are so many people with the same creative interests as me. Writing utensils seem to be the topic of discussion on which ones work best for journaling, that doesn’t smear or bleed through. So I thought I would share a few of my favorite pens and markers that I use for journaling. The first set of pens/ markers is the ZIG WRITER. These are ole faithfuls because I have used these pens as far back as I can remember for scrapbookng. They have a fine point .5mm at one end and a thick 1.2mm point at the other. They are acid free and non-bleeding. Yes I can write on the thin pages of the Hobonichi and it does not bleed through. They do need a little bit of drying time to avoid smears.

ZIG Markers

The second set I use ALOT is the ZIG MILLENNIUM. You can purchase the black pens in several different points, from tiny tiny to .08 which is the one I use the most. Multiple colors are also available in this pen. These are acid free and do not bleed through or smear. This is the pen style I use for most of my journaling on my scrapbook pages as well.

ZIG Pens

I like saying this pen’s name, Le Pen. They are a fine tip pen that will not bleed trough and I have no problems with smearing. I carry several of these in my purse, they are so thin and compact.

Le Pen

The GLAZE Sukura Pens are fairly new to me. I actually really love doodling with these but take a while to dry. Seriously, I will write or draw something and have to walk away or set my journal aside so it can dry. Even though there is a wait time, I love the after look of the pen marks; shiny, bright and have a GLAZE to them.

Glaze Gel Pens

I just recently purchased these Glitter Gel Pens by American Crafts. They also take some extra drying time too, but so worth the ending of SPARKLE you get.

American Craft Gel Glitter Pens

Next up I bring you FABER-Castell Pitt Artist Pen. I also use these markers on my mixed media projects. These markers can smear at first, and I actually use these on canvases to smear by adding shadows. They also work great on journaling in the hobonichi and doesn’t require a long drying time.

Faber-Castell Markers

The last BUT not least is the pen that came with the Hobonichi..AMAZINGLY perfect for writing in the Hobonichi, imagine that? I typically do not like really fine pens, but I love writing with this. This is a pen you can change out for Black, Blue or Red ink. I would order another one if this ones runs out of ink.

Hobonichi Pen

I hope this helps anyone in a pen buying journey. I admit it I am a pen addict and always looking on the market for something new. How about you? Do you like pens and markers?

XO, Rebecca


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Mar 09

Hobonichi Update and a Companion

Hobonichi doodlesHello friends! I wanted to update you on my Hobonichi journey. Let me start out with I have discovered the cutest stickers to add to my pages that are perfect for the everyday, like the fact that I’m a coffee junkie! I admit it! so look at these little coffee cups

Coffee Cup planner Stickers

When I ordered these from Pink Glittered Coffee off Etsy, she also included a few samples including this vacuum cleaner..ADORABLE!!! I will be ordering more of these.

Planner Stickers

Here is one of my full pages

Hobonichi Page

I also have a new companion, my daughter Brazos, she has her a little journal going too. Seriously who wouldn’t love to play with pretty pens, colorful washi tape, and document your day with it???

Hobonichi Companion

I have to share a couple of her pages, I love the way she put the actual times on this page

Brazos Page

I would say she didn’t like taking the mock testing at school

Brazos Hobonichi

I set up a little nook in my art studio for all my planner/ hobonichi needs. Perfect for either of us to grab a bucket of pens and washi and HAVE FUN!

Planner Nook in Art Studio

~ Rebecca

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