Jul 29

July Update~ One Little Word

Here we are in the last week of July. It’s a bittersweet time of the year for me. I really enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of not having the weight of homework, bedtimes and lunches to be made. BUT I also grow so weary of the summer heat, mosquitoes and did I say summer heat? Here in Texas we have been so lucky this year with our weather not being over 100 degrees MUCH. But seriously I’m not here to talk about the weather, I am here to say the month of July has been one of my most successful months for my one little word PERSEVERANCE!

July One Little Word

The July prompt for One Little Word involved three things: Something for yourself: I FINALLY persevered and opened my Etsy shop! Something for someone else: I wrote letters to family and friends and really this is something I want to keep up and continue. Finally something to celebrate: Fitness and Happiness. I truly believe these two go hand in hand. I have started my walking again and hope to progress back to running. Baby steps and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Just for today take baby steps~Rebecca

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Jul 27

Summer Sunshine~ Mother’s Day Scrapbook Page

Mother's Day This week’s challenge over at Simon Says Stamp is “Mid Summer”, well here is central Texas the summer is all about sunshine and heat. I started this page with lots of yellow papers and cut them diagonally

Hello Yellow

Used adhesive tape to help in holding the diagonal design in placed then I cut the excess off the edges

Yellow paper cut and pasted

Selected diecuts to be placed around the picture

Die cuts

Created texture along the diagonals with stitching, washi and doodles

Lots of washi and doodles

My Mother’s  Day Layout. My family is my ray of sunshine.

Mother's Day Sunshine

Just for today radiate! Rebecca

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Jul 26

Party Cats~ Mixed Media Art

It’s a cat party, a cat party! I’ve been in the mood to create cats in party hats. This first kitty is inspired by a friend of mine’s cat..Meet Jersey Girl. Oh yes she is ready to celebrate…

Miss Jersey

You may have seen this mixed media cat before, Mr. P is back in the house.

Mr. P Mixed Media cat

These two canvases 6″ x 3″ and are number 52 and 53 in my 100 canvases challenge for 2014.

Just for today party~ Rebecca

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Jul 24

Touristy Thursday~ Ten Austin Attractions

Cover to Touristy Thursday Smash bookI haven’t been anyplace new in a while to share for Touristy Thursday, so I thought it would be fun to have a post reminiscing over ten places you could see in a day in Austin. This has a little bit of everything, good food, museums and shopping. Just a little history, I have been blogging Touristy Thursday, since April 2012. Most of the posts are about Austin Texas and surrounding areas. It all started out with me wanting to see all the museums in Austin, but has evolved into also fun and interesting places. So let’s start our day with breakfast at the Full English Café. The first time I went there it was around the Olympics held in England, I had read an article about a café that served British food and it know for their All Day British Breakfast. Yes I would like a Bangor with my English Pancake please.

Full English Cafe

While we are in South Austin, let’s go do some JUNKIN at one of my favorite thrift stores, Thrift Town. I always find good buys and plus everything is so nice and organized. Here is the blog post I did right before Christmas last year.

Thrift Town

My first ever Touristy Thursday was to visit the O Henry Museum, you can read my post here about it. His link to Austin is working in the land office and working for the First National Bank of Austin. He is also know for his writing and Austin has a Pun Off every year in his honor.

O Henry Museum

Let’s head across the river for a moment to visit the French Legation Museum. The last time I visited they had just gone through a renovation, so I would like to go see it again. Look at this BEAUTIFUL VIEW of the Capitol!

View of Capitol

While we are in the downtown area lets head down Congress Ave. towards the Capitol and visit The Old Bakery and Emporium. This place has some of the best pictures of the history of downtown Austin and the Capitol. Of course this once Swedish Bakery had the best seat in the house, right across the street from the Capitol. There is also a gift shop located in the building full of lovely handmade items. In this post I listed 10 things about the bakery

Old Bakery

Next let’s head over to Umlauf Sculpture Garden. The last time I visited it was overcast and drizzly so it it was fabulous. Read my post here. I do want to go back and visit in the fall, when the air is cool and crisp.

Umlauf Sculpture

All that walking around has me thirsty and hungry. How about a slice of pizza from Home Slice? Here is the post where my son and I went

Home Slice
And yes with HEY CUPCAKE next door, I have to pick up a cupcake…for later or not :) they moved since the last time I visited.

Hey Cupcake

Now I’m ready to burn off some of those calories. How about heading to one of my favorite places, the Austin is the Hike and Bike Trail. Let’s take a walk on the boardwalk. Yes I had to check it out after it opened last month. Look at this view

The Boardwalk

Here I am at number TEN already and I know exactly where I want to end, one of my favorite lunch dates, Jerry’s Artarama. Yes I can’t get enough of canvases, paints, markers, colored pencils…

Jerry's Artarama

That was fun taking a trip down memory lane, hope you will want to visit some of these attractions.

Just for today go make an adventure ~Rebecca

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Jul 22

Live Gratefully~ Mixed Media Art

Meet Phoebe

Meet Phoebe

Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.~ Marcel Proust

This is an 8″ x 10″ Canvas and is number 51 in my 100 canvases challenge for 2014

Just for today be grateful~ Rebecca

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Jul 20

Facing Forty~ Scrapbook Page

Facing FortyThis week challenge at Simon Says Stamp is ‘About a Face’. It was time to create a scrapbook page about this face (me) that just turned forty. I want to create a journaling letter to be placed in an envelope, something that can be read later. Maybe a special surprise memory for my kids.

Scrapbooking 40

I was layering up and grabbing for washi tape….BANG! SPLASH! UGH! My water jar for my paint brushes fell and ruined my page, luckily I was able to save the photo..

scrapbook page ruined

Shall we start over…yes we should, new paper, new envelope, new color palette

Starting over

Layering up and adding Washi tape to the envelope seal, this is in case moisture happens down the line, I do not want it sticking and unable to open

Adding layers and washi

Oh YES! Happy clouds

happy clouds

I really wanted to add this girl cut from a vintage pattern, but does she look out of place? hum, I love her so on the page she goes

vintage pattern girl

I add color to her dress to bring her and the hot air balloon together

Adding Red

Here we have it, a special message inserted into the envelope, not to be read until 2054! ha!

Facing Forty

Just for today, keeping going. ~ Rebecca

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Jul 18

Never Giving Up~ Number 50

Never Give UpWow! What a week of learning more than what  I ever thought I would need to about computer, wi-fi and hot spots. My phone line and internet service has been out all week and it’s AMAZING how much I depend on the internet EVERYDAY. BUT perseverance took charge and help from my husband and now I learned how to use my phone as a hot spot. Speaking of perseverance, I am at my halfway mark for my 100 canvases challenge for 2014. Just a reminder NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE-UP (Quote from Winston Churchill)

Happy Friday! I’m ready for the weekend! Rebecca

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Jul 15

Dress Form Makeover using 1960′s Newspaper

I have had this dress form probably for about twelve years, I remember seeing it at a Goodwill in Austin as a bid item. I showed up at 2 pm for the auction and won it for $15. YAY!!! It has been with me through several moves and homes. She was in dire need of a makeover.

Before dress form

So away with the purple cloth And out came vintage newspapers from the 1960′s

Vintage papers

I started out by covering the entire form with newsprint “word’s


Using the same newspaper from the 60′s, I added the beautiful ladies from the department store ads.

Finished form

I do love her new look, isn’t she fabulous?

Hoot!~ Rebecca

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